Callahan's Mountain Lodge

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Our History

A Remarkable History Family-Owned Since 1947

Oregon has a rich history of family owned and operated businesses. Callahan’s Mountain Lodge is a part of that tradition.

As a young man growing up in the Rogue Valley, Don Callahan dreamed of owning a lodge in the Siskiyou Mountains. After serving in World War II, he chiseled out a building site from the solid rock of the hillside. In 1947, he built a wood and stone building for a dining room furnished with eight stools and five tables. On March 23, 1947, “Callahan’s Café” opened for business. Don’s wife, Nilde, introduced the hearty menu inspired by her Italian heritage.

The Highest Point on I5

Later, their residence above the restaurant was turned into the first “lodge” with five guest rooms and a “community” bathroom. In 1963, the State of Oregon removed the original “motor lodge” to provide width for Interstate 5. Encouraged by their previous success, in 1965, Callahan’s reopened in its current location, just below the Pacific Crest Trail, the Mount Ashland Ski Resort and the summit of the Siskiyou Mountains, the highest point on Interstate 5.

In 1996 the Callahan’s sold the lodge to the second owners. After years of transforming the restaurant into a destination resort, a devastating fire occurred in 2006, resulting in a significant loss for the community.  However, the fire did not deter the then owners from their vision and commitment to the future of Callahan’s Mountain Lodge. The Lodge reopened late summer of 2008.

In September of 2020, Callahan’s Mountain Lodge was purchased by Mark and Lisa Cleaner. The couple is to be only the third owners since 1947 and desire to continue the vision and commitment of the lodge into the future.

Together they plan to honor and expand on the historic lodge legacy of “Callahan’s Mountain Lodge”. The Cleaners wish for their guests to feel right at home, whether you are here for a wedding, a weekend getaway or simply for dinner.